Wootton Vale Club

The first event of the year will take place on Thursday 3rd February.  It is a quiz.  Details can be found on the Events Page.


Happy New Year.

It is now time to start planning the Wootton Vale Club meetings for 2022.

The club is run by the members for the members, so if YOU would like to run a meeting please let us know. Some financial help is available if required, for example if you wish to organise a speaker. An email can be sent out by the communications officer if required to update members of your arrangements.

Whilst we are able to assist (Louise Sandy, Pat Whitfield, and Joyce Dibble) it is up to the members to organise the meetings, so without people willing to take responsibility for individual meetings, the club will not take place.

There will be no meeting in January (a fortuitous decision as covid is still very active) but hopefully somebody will come forward to organise a meeting for Thursday 3rd February.

Please contact one of us if you would like to run a meeting.

Pat Whitfield
Joyce Dibble
Louise Sandy