Parish Meeting


Agenda 16th May 2019


Parish administration

Glanvilles Wootton as a small parish of some 80 plus dwellings is administered by a ‘parish meeting’. This consists of two main meetings each year, May and October, when residents of the parish get together to debate and decide on the parish issues to be addressed. Each village organisation is required to provide a report on their status for the meetings. The proceedings are run by the parish chairman who, aided by other residents, deals with enquiries and decisions arising from the parish meetings. GW is part of the North Dorset District and close liaison is made with the North Dorset district Council and Dorset County Council as responsibility for refuse collection, road maintenance, bus services, libraries etc, lies with those organisations.

Currently the parish meeting raises funds through a parish precept from the rates and earns small amounts from the rental of a small allotment and a field partly owned with the neighbouring parish of Holnest. These funds are used to maintain parish property, the war memorial, aspects of the play area, cutting of the churchyard, the village light and associated insurances. From time to time the parish provides impetus for village projects, the most recent being the provision of a defibrillator located at the village hall.

Contact numbers;-

Parish Chairman, Mike Sandy,, tel. 01963210256.


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