Glanvilles Wootton Primary School was opened in 1865 and closed finally on 17th December 1964.

Christmas 1911







The last Headmaster was Mr Webber (known as Cliff) from 2nd July 1956 until it closed.  Miles Webber (the headmaster’s son) found some old school photographs (dated from 1958 through to May 1964) whilst going through his father’s effects.  Only one of the photographs had any names recorded so through alot of time and dedication, Miles has managed to complete the task with only one pupil (son of a termporary agricultural worker) remembered, but unknown.  We thank Mr A C C Webber’s estate for providing the photographs, Miles for providing the dates, context and names in the photographs and Mr Ronnie Hannam, Pam, Helen & Jean Higdon (maiden names) for the QA check.  All the information contained on this page is for people’s personal enjoyment only.  For any additional use (reproduction in a pamphlet, book etc) please contact Miles Webber prior to any arrangements being made, or carried out for this.

Note: School photographs do not appear to have been taken in 1963.  Possibly due to the teaching time lost during Winter of 1962 and Spring of 1963 (snow from end of December to start of March).  The emphasis would have been placed instead on catching up and maintaining the curriculum.


Due to a major reorganisation of primary education, a number of schools were closed in Dorset.  Glanvilles Wootton School closed on 17th December 1964.  The school had opened in 1865.

Currently children from Glanvilles Wootton travel by bus to Buckland Newton Primary School.