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Glanvilles Wootton Contact Request “Update on the Inkjet cartridge recycling scheme”

From: Bernadette Egan <> Subject: Update on the Inkjet cartridge recycling scheme
Message Body:
A huge thank you to all who have saved and sent off their empty cartridges to help raise funds for Shine21:Dorset DS Buddy Club. Since 3/2019 – 11/1/2021 the cartridges have raised £154.00 which helps to fund social events for the members.
The link above is to use if you would like to continue to help. The organisation no longer issues special envelopes but has switched to a label system so you can send them in your own envelopes and print the label which will state donations from cartridge recycling should go to Shine 21: Dorset DS Buddy Club. Thank you.

Glanvilles Wootton Contact Request “Dog fouling”

From: Alison Richardson <> Subject: Dog fouling
Message Body: Hi, we live at smithy cottage and seem to be having an issue with dog fouling. This seems to be happening on our front garden regularly. Can we ask that dog owners in the village prevent their dogs fouling on private property. It’s becoming a tiresome issue when I have young children can I ask for the villages support to remind dog owners of their responsibilities thank you

Glanvilles Wootton Contact Request “Lost Camera”

From: Trevor Noyes <> Subject: Lost Camera
Message Body: Hi
I wonder whether you have any facility lost and found items?
I lost my camera, in a black case, somewhere, in one of the present grass fields, on the footpath between Middlemarsh (from the Hunters Moon) and your village on 27 Sept 2020, between 11.00 and 11.30.
If anyone finds it they may well receive a reward.
Trevor Noyes