Book Exchange

The telephone box was purchased from British Telecom for one pound by the parish to save it from being taken away as it is seen as a feature of the village. It has been refurbished and established as a book, magazine and CD exchange. The concept is that parishioners can exchange books and CDs, of similar quality of course.

Hard at work cleaning the telephone box.

Books, magazines and CDs can be borrowed without an exchange but must be returned. Also in the ‘phone box is a whiteboard. This has been donated for members of the parish to record observations of local wildlife and plants of interest. For example, the first siting of rarer birds, butterflies, wild flowers etc. It is hoped that a record will gradually be built up of some of the local flora and fauna.  Do check out our new “Nature” page.

There are plans in 2019 to improve the operation of the ‘phone box door, lay slabs to solve the muddy entrance and to site a local map, probably to the side behind the bookshelves.

If you have a donation to be made to the telephone box stock, please first contact Georgina Taylor on 01963 210857.