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Roadworks – Stock Hill Lane

Stock Hill Lane, Glanvilles Wootton, Dorset
27 September — 01 October

Delays possible – Traffic control (two-way signals)

Works description: Capital Works – Struct.Bridges – STOCK HILL LANE Culvert – Maintenance

Works location: Stock Hill Culvert, STOCK HILL LANE,730m south from the junction with Holwell Drove. Eastings 368505 Northings 109501

Responsibility for works: Dorset Council

Current status: Planned work about to start

Works reference: B311014183503



Waste Services Disruption


Dear Clerk,

Dorset Council would like your help please.

As you may already be aware, the effects of the widely-reported national HGV driver shortage – coupled with the continuing impact of the pandemic – are starting to disrupt some of our waste services.

We are working hard to ensure that key waste services continue to run throughout this challenging time, but we are having to temporarily suspend or delay some garden waste collections so that crews can be redeployed to support vital rubbish, food and recycling collections. Litter bins are also being emptied less frequently in some areas of the county, and new bin deliveries are also being delayed.

While we continue to work on tackling the problem, I would greatly appreciate it if you could pass these key messages to any residents who may approach you with questions or concerns around their bin collections: –

• Always report your missed collection directly to Dorset Council, even if your whole street is affected. Our website has an automated system that will inform you what’s happening with your bins and provide guidance on what to do next (Weblink – Missed bin collection – Dorset Council)
• Please ensure your bins are out by 6am on your collection day. Some rounds are being carried out differently, meaning that we might turn up earlier or later in the day than usual
• If you find a litter bin is full, do not try to leave your litter on top/next to it or on the floor nearby – please take it home and place in your household bin. We also encourage people to report over-filled bins on the Dorset Council website (Weblink – Report a public litter bin problem – Dorset Council sel – Welcomef-service portal (
• If any garden waste collections have to be cancelled/stood down we will contact customers directly to advise them. As compensation for any garden waste collections that were not received, we will automatically apply a discount to next year’s subscription fee.
• Rubbish, recycling, garden and food waste can be dropped off free of charge at any of Dorset’s household recycling centres, which are operating as normal.

We would also appreciate this information being posted to your website and/or community noticeboards too.

If there are any further questions or comments from yourself or your residents, please contact the Dorset Council waste services team at If anyone is interested in joining our waste services as a driver or a loader, they can find out more about current vacancies at

We will keep providing updates as the situation changes, and continue to speak with MPs to work on a long-term solution. Town and Parish councils are a vital partner for us when working with the people of Dorset, so I want to thank you for your support and understanding.

Kind regards,

Jill Haynes
Cabinet Member for Customer Services and Communities
Chalk Valleys Ward
Dorset Council

Ironman – Sunday 19th September 2021

Dear All,

               You should have been notified but please be reminded that part of the route for the cycle ride runs from Holwell to GW, via Stock Hill, east along Park lane then to Middlemarsh via Kennels Lane. The road is closed from 8 am until midday. Stewards are placed at road junctions and in the past have been receptive to urgent requests for vehicular access for short distances. Permission for essential access, carers, livestock etc can be sought by contacting, 03330 116600 or There is also an understanding with race organisers that litter left by the event will be collected.




Changes to rapid community testing

  AM Start Date   PM Start Date
Monday Gillingham 8am – 11.30am Shaftesbury 1pm – 4.30pm
Tuesday Blandford 8am – 12.30am 17-May Sturminster Newton 2pm – 4.30pm 17-May
Wednesday Sherborne 8am – 12.30am 09-Jun Cerne Abbas 2pm – 4.30pm 19-May
Thursday Gillingham 8am – 11.30am Shaftesbury 1pm – 4.30pm
Friday Blandford 8am – 12.30am 21-May Sturminster Newton 2pm – 4.30pm 17-May
Saturday Cerne Abbas 8am – 10.30am 22-May Sherborne 12pm – 4.30pm 12-Jun


Roadworks November 2020

Traffic Interruptions

South Farm To Park Lane War Memorial, Glanvilles Wootton, Dorset
13 November – 13 November

Delays likely – Road closure

Name: South Farm To Park Lane War Memorial, Glanvilles Wootton

Location: South Farm To Park Lane War Memorial

Description: Streetworks / License – Streetworks

Responsibility for event: Dorset

Current status: Planned


South Farm to Park Lane War Memorial, Glanvilles Wootton, Dorset
13 November — 13 November

Delays likely – Road closure

Works location: On the bridge near sewage works

Works description: Repairing railings on the bridge

Responsibility for works: Dorset

Current status: Planned work about to start

Works reference: B319014160605


Statement from GWPCC

Before he died in 2019 Sir Howard Guinness was keen to give a piece of land to our church in Glanvilles Wootton with a view to finding a permanent solution to issues around parking and access. Most people will be familiar with the current access and parking arrangements but maybe not the actual status of those arrangements.

The current carpark is on private land. Robert Frankcom very kindly allows the church to use this land and to access it by car along his private drive. Although it has been in place for a number of years this is a temporary arrangement. At any time, we could lose this parking at which point the church would become effectively landlocked, except by the footpath or along Rectory Drive. The alternative would be parking on the B3146 road through the village or on the first (public) part of Rectory Drive.

For many people in this village and surrounding areas the continuing survival of the church of St Mary’s Glanvilles Wootton as a functioning building is very important. We need to avoid a situation arising in which the Diocese of Salisbury opts to close the building, something they would be more likely to consider if access and parking became difficult. We believe that there may already be pressure to close a number of rural churches in our area, so the threat is real.

Sir Howard Guinness’ gift of the land to the Church finally completed last month. Subject to Planning approval being obtained and through agreement with the owners of The Old Rectory, to replace the existing right to access the church along the full length of Rectory Drive with a new right to access the gifted land, the PCC would like to use it for occasional parking primarily for church services. Nowadays there are typically two regular services a month plus a small number of weddings, christenings and funerals. The numbers attending the regular services are low and since some people walk to church there are relatively few cars. The car park we require would reflect this and be low key, there would be no lights, no tarmac, just an informal surface akin to that we currently have on the temporary car park. Furthermore, there would be no interruption of the public footpath that runs diagonally across the field.

We hope that people in Glanvilles Wootton, whether churchgoers or not, would like St Mary’s to continue as a living part of the village and will understand that this parking provision will help to achieve that.


County & District Councillor Pauline Batstone’s Final Blog

This will be my last report as your County and District Councillor as both the County and District Council’s ceased to exist on the 1st April and were replaced by the Dorset Council. Along with three others I am putting my name forward in the Dorset Council Elections on 2nd May but at this point who knows what the outcome will be.

It has been eight years since I became your District Councillor and six since I became your County Councillor. The main local authority theme running through those years has been Highways – speeding, vehicle size, road conditions, parking and potholes. The next most important theme as been planning – where properties are proposed, what the properties are for, density of building, impact on neighbours and whether or not the parish should do a Neighbourhood Plan. I fear it will be ever thus under the new Council. The main issue raised with me outside of local authorities matters is that of local policing and unhappiness with the service provided in the rural area. The next most important is that of rural transport. Our rural area has changed from the long settled dairy farming area I grew up in to an area which is increasingly urban in its population and in the expectations of that population, the majority of whom are newcomers from towns and cities elsewhere.

I thank all those who have worked with me over the years as your Councillor, especially in those parishes which will no longer be part of the Blackmore Vale Ward, should I be successful in being elected as its councillor.

Pauline Batstone
County and District Councillor
Elvlyn Cottage,
Glue Hill,
Sturminster Newton
Dorset DT10 2DJ
Facebook – Councillor Pauline Batstone

Village Hall Appeal

Glanvilles Wootton, Holnest & Middlemarsh Village Hall Appeal

Your village hall needs you!

As you may have heard, Margaret Stainer died a short while ago. Her property, next door to the village hall, is now coming onto the market via Symonds & Sampson. The Village Hall Committee as been given first refusal to buy the field directly behind the hall.

This small paddock will provide an extremely worthwhile amenity for all of us here in the three villages. However, we now need to raise up to £25,000 to help cover the cost of purchase and all legal fees etc.

The Village Hall has very limited funds and so we are asking people to contribute towards this appeal. If you would like to help in any way or want any further information please  contact Mike Sandy in the first instance on 01963 210256 (email: before 27 March 2019.

There will be an AGM of the Village Hall Committee open to everyone on Wednesday 27 March 2019 at 7.30 pm and this appeal will be an important item for discussion.Whether or not you’re able to help, do please come along and hear about Margaret’s field.


Dear All,

I have found recently (much to my own amazement) that I have signed up to do the Diabetes UK Swim22 Challenge. In the next 3 months I need to swim as many miles across the English Channel as possible; 22 miles apparently (good grief). Thankfully I can swim this in the Oxley Sports Centre pool at my own convenience. Phew.

Please forgive me but could I ask for sponsors? So far I’ve swum 5.34 miles and raised £100.00, I’m aiming for £220. The link for my Just Giving page where you can donate electronically is below:


Thank you all in anticipation,

Bernie Egan ( Ben and Tess’ Mum).