Glanvilles Wootton Parish Rate

At the Glanvilles Wootton Parish Meeting held in October it was agreed that the average parish rate for 2022/23 should remain the same at £4 per household per annum.

However, two mature ash trees on land between the village hall and the fire station owned by the parish, are suffering from ash die back and an inspection report concludes that they need to be felled for safety reasons. Currently the application to remove tree preservation orders on the trees is with DC and the plan is to fell the trees when permission is granted.

Generously, the village hall committee is giving support to the parish to meet any immediate cost but bills will need to be repaid in 2022.

My proposal is to raise the average parish rate for 2022/23 by £1 per annum per household to meet this cost. Rather than convene a one issue meeting in these covid times please forward your views on this proposal to me, or 01963 210256. Objections and serious reservations will mean that an extraordinary meeting will need to be held.

                                   Mike Sandy [Chair GW Parish Meeting]  


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