Glanvilles Wootton Contact Request “Update on the Inkjet cartridge recycling scheme”

From: Bernadette Egan <> Subject: Update on the Inkjet cartridge recycling scheme
Message Body:
A huge thank you to all who have saved and sent off their empty cartridges to help raise funds for Shine21:Dorset DS Buddy Club. Since 3/2019 – 11/1/2021 the cartridges have raised £154.00 which helps to fund social events for the members.
The link above is to use if you would like to continue to help. The organisation no longer issues special envelopes but has switched to a label system so you can send them in your own envelopes and print the label which will state donations from cartridge recycling should go to Shine 21: Dorset DS Buddy Club. Thank you.

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